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Classical Online Model

We emphasize that in order for students to become great-hearted leaders they must share in a knowledge that is rooted in the classical liberal arts tradition.

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Welcome to Great Hearts Online

Dear Families and Supporters –

We find ourselves, like the rest of the world, in an unprecedented moment.  Yet our beliefs around human connection and the pursuit of the true, the good, and the beautiful are as unwavering as ever.  Thankfully, we have found a new medium and new mechanisms to bring a timeless education into more and more homes.

We have now offered classical Latin, ancient history, Greek geometry, medieval literature, and renaissance art on-line; we used computers to teach the manual skills of spelling and handwriting and drawing; through video conferencing, we brought students together to recite poetry and discuss the masterpieces and great ideas from the classical literary and philosophical tradition; and through a computer screen, students made friends, bonded with teachers, formed communities, laughed, smiled, and connected in new ways.

I invite you to join us as we launch Great Hearts Online across Texas in Fall 2020. Great Hearts Online is a public charter school, offering a tuition-free, rigorous, classical liberal arts curriculum including advanced math and science, robust arts, and foreign language classes.

For 20 years, Great Hearts has served students with the same clear and steadfast purpose. Yes, student learning is essential. Yes, excelling in school so students can access the best colleges and universities is critical. Parents, attending Great Hearts will realize these things for your students, but our mission is greater than that.  The Great Hearts core purpose is to cultivate the hearts and minds of students in pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty. This purpose lives on in Great Hearts Online: different tools but the same curriculum, culture, faculty, and heart.

With Great Hearts Online, we will realize our purpose in a way that removes traditional barriers, allows us to serve more students, deepens relationships with families, and strengthens our methods to holistic student formation. We approach this with humility and confidence – humility for the things we have yet to learn and do and as an intentional approach in listening to your needs and feedback; and confidence in our mission, our curriculum, our people, and our desire to ensure all students, your children, receive a rich, humane, and rigorous education.

I am looking forward to our journey together. Onward and upward –

Kurtis Indorf