Student Achievement

Based on NWEA MAP data from January 2021 to May 2021, students from GH Online:

  • Exceeded national averages in student performance, in both Reading and Math,at every grade level assessed, 3rd-6th
  • Outperformed their TX region (#20) peers in student performance, in both Reading and Math, at every grade level assessed, 3rd-6th


Based on our Mock Accountability Analysis for Spring 2021 STAAR:

  • GH Online would have received an A (92) in Domain 2, School Progress. In Reading, 100% of eligible tested students met the student progress measure and all student subpopulations met the Academic Growth Target. In Math, 88% of eligible tested students met the student progress measure including 100% or Current and Monitored English Learners.


Parent Satisfaction

February 2021 family survey results:

  • 85% reported being more satisfied with GH Online than their school experiences in the fall
  • 91% reported that the work their children have been asked to do is both meaningful and substantial
  • 87% reported being satisfied with the level of support they receive as parents to set their children up for success as GH Online students
  • 95% reported that their children’s’ live classes are positive experiences


Teacher Satisfaction

Teachers were surveyed during Spring 2021, and we had a 75% response rate for Great Hearts Online (all teachers were fully dedicated to online teaching).

  • 97% reported positively for supportive management
  • 99% reported positively for strong communication
  • 100% reported positively for organizational leadership
  • 100% reported positively for headmaster leadership


Why Families Choose Great Hearts Online


Great Hearts Online is both timeless and revolutionary. Here’s what families are signing up for:

  1. Remote Access to a Classical, Liberal Arts Institution: As the largest brick-and-mortar classical school system in the United States, Great Hearts has a strong track record of academic achievement and cultivating good people. We provide a rich, safe, timeless curriculum for students – and a wide liberal arts perspective with foreign language, music, art, physical education, daily science, daily history, and more.
  2. A Robust School Community: Most online schools are lonely and task oriented. We have hired an amazing faculty who are 100% online teachers. They are laser-focused on building relationships with students, providing excellent instruction, developing strong communities, and ensuring everyone is falling in love with learning. We believe classroom communities are vital, and we work daily to develop robust school communities.
  3. A Closer Parenting Perspective: Students are in closer daily contact with their families. Parents, guardians, and students alike enjoy the opportunities to connect throughout the day. Great Hearts Online provides the whole family an opportunity to engage in education, in student formation, and family together.

Time and Place Flexibility: We’ve designed a schedule and a school day that is flexible. Afternoons are more flexible, and location is open to anywhere in the state of Texas. Our tightly woven tapestry of synchronous and asynchronous instruction is based on national best practices.